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How to get tattooed by me

  • I am looking to tattoo my available flash designs which will take priority over custom requests. These designs will be tattooed multiple times on multiple people. I can make small changes to make them unique, if you like.

  • A limited number of custom design requests that are within my style will be accepted most months if I have the time and energy to take them on.
    • When you submit your request, please briefly describe what the subject matter* is, where on your body you might want it, and approximately what size.

      *Please refrain from explaining your personal, very heavy, completely valid, and heartbreaking reasons for wanting a tattoo. These stories are very taxing and triggering. I do not have the training that a therapist has to be able to process them.


Get to know me!

Tina is an experienced cat hugger, and a new dog mom, who is dedicated to meditation and studying spirituality, she is a gardener, and soon to be advanced master herbalist, an avid reader, and an only child who doesn't understand twins. Tina loves dressing in black, having but not the act of getting tattoos, and is always trying to look serious in photographs.

Tina has a background in fine arts, commercial illustration, and spent ten years in the tech industry working in design management before she opened Moon Tattoo to get back to her art roots, her spirit is happiest here. She has been tattooing since 2016.

Photo of Tina Poe


Contact me if you have any other questions!

I’m at Moon Tattoo, in Austin, TX.

Yes! I am only in the studio during scheduled appointment times. I won’t be available for walk-ins or to chat.

Yes, I require a non-refundable deposit in cash or with card, paid in person, during your consultation to hold your tattoo appointment date. The deposit will be applicable only for the design and details we discuss and agree on during the consultation. If the tattoo needs multiple sessions, the deposit is applied to your last appointment session. If the tattoo is finished in one session the deposit is applied to the finished tattoo that day.

If you need to reschedule your appointment for any reason, give me at least 2 days/48 hours notice and we can reschedule you for another day. Trying to reschedule under 2 days or 48 hours will result in the loss of your deposit, and will cancel your appointment and void your deposit.

The deposit will be also void for cancellations at any time, no-shows, or later arrivals after 30 minutes. If you no-show for a scheduled consultation you will be not be able to schedule with me in the future.

I charge an hourly rate with a set minimum, or will provide a reduced flat rate for my available flash designs. The best way to get an idea of the cost of the tattoo you are thinking of is to talk to me about the potential size, placement, and complexity during a scheduled consultation. I’ll use this information to give you an idea of how long the tattoo could take and an estimate of how much it may cost. An average session can last about three hours, and some tattoos will require multiple sessions depending on size, complexity of the design, or placement. The more calm and still you are during your tattoo session, the faster it will go.

I take all major cards through Square, and also accept cash.

On the day of your tattoo appointment we will review the drawing together, in person, and make any minor changes needed before starting the tattoo. I do not provide you the design prior. Major changes of the elements we discussed during the consultation will result in a loss of your deposit.

I only tattoo in my style, with my original artwork. I take on some custom requests, and tattoo my flash.

Read over Moon Tattoo's FAQ and Tips section for a lot more information.

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