Tina was born in 1984 in Tehran, Iran, an only child. Her family left Iran for Germany soon after she was born. As a young child surrounded by the art and history of Europe, her parents encouraged her to draw and paint. Their frequent holidays to Italy, the Alps, and visits to Greece fueled her passion for art. After eight years in Germany, her family moved to San Antonio, Texas where art continued to be a major part of her education. She received her high school diploma in visual arts from a college preparatory program, North East School of the Arts, in 2002. Here she met fellow artist, and her future husband, Mr. David Poe.

Her study of art continued at the California College of the Arts in Oakland and San Francisco. After two years in California, Tina transferred to the Milwaukee Institute of Art and design. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration there in 2006, with honors. She missed the sun and moved back to the warmth of Texas, landing in Austin with David. In 2007, they adopted a small kitten, named him Mojito Poe, and watched him grow into a full sized Maine Coon. A few years later, in 2009, Tina and David got married at the Justice of the Peace.

David shares her love of tattoos, supports her love of bees, and humors her attempts at gardening. Both love traveling to view art all over the world. They inspire each other to live their lives centered on their passion for art.


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